The Graduate School of Teaching (GST) is participating in an experiment "Flexible study". This means that students of the GST programmes have the possibility to register for individual courses.

More information about the terms and conditions is available on the general UU-site.

To students of the graduate School of Teaching (GST), the following conditions apply:

  1. You register or re-register as a full-time student.
  2. You belong to one of the following target groups:
    • Flexible study allows y0u to combine your job and study more easily.
    • You are an Elite Sports Student.
    • You are a member of a student board and receive at least € 425 from Utrecht University in 2019-2020 as compensation for board activities.
    • At the start of the degree programme you provide informal care for a family member (check the general UU-site for a definition of informal care).
    • You have a chronic illness or disability.
  3. You belong to a group of the first 300 applicants for flexible study in one of the GST-programmes.

For the GST-programmes there is an additional condition if you want to combine work and study. You have to have a job in secondary education which meets the conditions mentioned in the internship brochure (in Dutch).

To participate in the experiment you have to register for at least 15 EC worth of courses in the academic year. However, there are entry requirements for courses as well as rules regarding the order and combination of courses, so in practice it will not always be possible to register for only 15 EC per study year.

Use the online application form (in Dutch) to apply for flexible study. Do this as soon as possible.

Draw up a study plan

Make a study plan that is realistic and suitable for you, using the course overviews in the study programme section on this site. Take into account the entry requirements and the order in which the courses of the programme should be studied (check the course catalogue for course descriptions). You can use this document (docx) to make your plan.

Make an appointment with the student advisor

Next, make an appointment with the student advisor. She can determine whether you belong to one of the target groups and discuss your study plan with you. Send your study plan to one week before your appointment.

Signing of your plan

After your meeting with the student advisor your study plan (for the first year) will be signed by the GST and sent to you through Osiris. By finalizing your registration at the UU, you automatically agree with the signed/sent study plan. Your tuition fee for the year will be determined on the basis of this study plan. As a flexstudent you pay per credit (ECTS) (1/60 of the statutory tuition fees plus 15%). This amount will be charged. It is possible to add courses later in the study year, which will be charged extra, but it is not possible to get a refund for courses you have not completed.

Register for courses

Finally, you have to register for the courses in your study plan. You can do this by submitting the course registration form which you will receive by e-mail at the end of May.

Re-enrol for your programme

When you re-enroll for your programme, after 1st June, enroll a a fulltime student (regardless of whether you are currently a fulltime or part-time student).

In short:

  • After having been admitted to the programme, apply for flexible study with the online application form.
  • Make an appointment with the student advisor.
  • Make a study plan and send this to the student advisor one week before your appointment.
  • The study plan is confirmed and signed by the GST and yourself.
  • Register for the courses in your confirmed study plan.
  • Re-enroll for your programme as a fulltime student (in Studielink).