If you have already obtained a second degree in teaching elsewhere (at a university of applied sciences, or via an educational minor) you will receive exemptions for Teaching Practice 1a + 1b (10 + 10 EC), Teaching Methodology 1 (5 EC) and Subject Teaching Methodology 1 (5 EC).

As a result, your programme will take one and a half year instead of two years. With a second degree qualification only the September start is available.

Did you start in or before the 2017-2018 academic year?

Check the recommended timelines for the September start in our 2017-2018 Course overview (pdf).

Are you going to start in the 2018-2019 academic year?

Check the recommended timelines for the September start in our 2018-2019 Course overview (pdf) or in the lists below:

Course EC Period
Issues and Theories in SEC 5 1-2
Communicating Science with the Public 5 1
Elective(s) 7.5 1
Research Methods 5 2
Elective(s) 7.5 2
Course EC Period
Research Project 30 1-2

Mandatory electives

You need to choose at least 5 EC out of the following courses (available in period 1 and 2):

Code Course EC
GSTKO02 Toetsing en beoordeling 3.75
GSTKO03 Het organiseren van leren 3.75
GSTKO07 Sustainability Education / Duurzaamheidseducatie 3.75
GSTKO19 Lezen en schrijven 3.75
FI-MSECID Innovation and Dissemination 3.75
FI-MSECHPS History and Philosophy of Science for SEC 3.75

Other electives

You may select electives for a maximum of 10 EC from a wide range of Master's courses, as long as you take into account the following conditions:

  • the courses are relevant to the learning aims of the SEC-programme;
  • the total package of courses has sufficient depth and coherence (see EER, appendix)

You will find a selection of suitable courses below and in the course planner, but you may choose other courses, for example courses MasterMath, Chem4all, Natk4all or Inf4all. This has to be approved by the Board of Examiners​ in advance. Please consult Academic policies and procedures ​> Requests to the Board of Examiners before you submit your request.

Code Course EC
GSTOKC05 CKV-didactiek 5
GSTOKC06 ICT in education 5
Cross-disciplinary Science and mathematics education /
Vakoverstijgende bètadidactiek
GSTOKC08 Data in de school 5
GSTOKC09 Erfgoededucatie 5
GSTOKC10 Taalbeleid in onderwijs en maatschappij 5
GSTKO01 Leerpsychologie 3.75
GSTKO16 Interpersoonlijk leraarsgedrag 3.75
GSTKO14 Burgerschap en educatie 3.75
GSTPKC04 Pedagogisch onderzoek 5
GSTPKC05 Pedagogiek en passend onderwijs 5
GSTPKC06 Dealing with Cultural Diversity and Social inclusion in Education 5
GSTPKC07 Excellence and differentiation in secondary education 5
TLEMV16012 Complexiteit educatieve teksten 5
FI-MSECSIS Science in Society 5
FI-MHPSSP Science and the Public 7.5
FI-MHPSDM Science and the Dilemmas of Modernity 7.5
FI-MHPSFQM The Quantum World 7.5
200600022 Teachers and Teaching 7.5
GEO4-2502 Energy Conversion Technologies I (chemical) 7.5
GEO4-2508 Advanced Energy Analysis 7.5
NS-MO402M Dynamical Meteorology 7.5
NS-MO405M Atmosferic composition and chemical processes 7.5
SK-MASPN Advanced spectroscopy of nanomaterials 7.5
SK-MSYNA Synthesis of heterogenous catalysis 7.5
SK-MIMLS Concepts in Molecular Life Sciences 3
SK-MICLS Concepts in Cellular Life Sciences 3

Please note that registration periods may take place many months in advance of the course, especially at the Faculties of Humanities and Social Sciences!