Internship Secondary Education

In this course you will become deeply acquainted with school as a work environment. You will be positioned as an educator at a high school, working on a project for the benefit of the school organization, supervised by a staff member from the internship school.

Within given constraints, you will work on a project that fits the wishes of the school. The project might be an educational design of a curriculum unit, the evaluation of existing programmes and/or setup a communication programme. Starting with a rudimentary internship job offer, you will first need to make explicit the precise wishes of the school, make an inventory of the target audience, iteratively construct the product while ensuring to collect relevant feedback and finally test the product in the context design for. During the internship a planned way of working is very important. Next to working in the school as an intern you will attend weekly seminars. The seminars have the aim to scaffold your working on the project. We will pay attention to, amongst others, instructional design theories, design tools and theories on change and innovation in (science) education. In addition, during the seminars the different school projects will be presented to enable collegial feedback and intervision.

Organization of the semester

For this course you are supposed to invest about 20 hrs/week for the entire semester. These 20 hrs are to be spent on participating in educational sessions at the university on Mondays and on activities in the school environment during the rest of the week. On Mondays and Tuesdays, you will follow other courses of the SEC-programme. The concrete deliverables of the internship are to be handed in and the end of the course. In addition, you reflect on your own professional development by means of learning aims which you have set up for yourself at the start of the internship.

Internship placement

All internships are organized by the Graduate School of Teaching. There is limited opportunity to do your intern at your school of own choice. Please ask the coordinator, Gjalt Prins (, for possibilities.

Contact person

You can contact the coordinator, Gjalt Prins (, for your questions about this internship.