Internship Secondary Education (FI-MSECS15)

Whether you’re an informal or a formal educator in science and mathematics, you should always make your target audience the focus of your work. So, in this course you’ll work closely with a specific target audience (secondary school pupils in formal education) and will get to know them through practical experience.

This course aims to bridge the gap between theory and practice: theoretical assumptions are continually applied and tested out in the formal educational setting. Additionally, in a thematic curriculum theory and practice is integrated. Your own experiences at university and in your internship are the focus of your learning and development. By reflecting upon those experiences and upon how you learn, you gradually develop insight in the variety of competencies required for teaching and learning.

During the course you will be in a school environment and will observe pupils and lessons in science education. You will gradually start to prepare and teach part of the lessons. During this course you will join the students who are training to become a science / math teacher during their educational sessions at university. However, you will work on your own. Special tasks are targeted at the development of competencies needed as a curriculum developer. 

Organization of the semester

For this course you are supposed to invest about 20 hrs/week for the entire semester. These 20 hrs are to be spent on participating in educational sessions at the university on Mondays and on activities in the school environment (observing lessons, performing some lessons yourself and working on specific assignments) during the rest of the week.

On Mondays and Tuesdays, you will follow other courses of the SEC-programme.

Internship placement

All internships are organized by the Graduate School of Teaching. There is limited opportunity to fulfil it at your own school of choice. Please ask the coordinator, Gjalt Prins, for possibilities.

Contact person

You can contact the coordinator, Gjalt Prins, for your questions about this internship.