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All course schedules of the Graduate School of Teaching are included in the Course Catalogue. For eligible courses, see Study programme.

Academic calendar

Because you will follow courses at the Faculty of Science and the Graduate School of Teaching you will need to take two academic calendars into account:

Startweek Stage/Baan and Startdag

The courses of the Educational Module Professional in Praktijk 1a/b, Pedagogiek 1 and Vakdidactiek 1  begin with a full-time Startweek Stage/Baan (Internship/Job) at the University. Similarly, the First Degree Module which includes Professional in Praktijk 2, Pedagogiek 2, and Vakdidactiek 2 begins with a Startdag.

Participation is obligatory.

  • For students starting with Professional in Praktijk 1 in February 2023, the Startweek Stage/Baan takes place from Monday, 30 January to Thursday, 2 February 2023.
  • Students starting with the First Degree Module in February 2023, and thus with the course Professional in Praktijk 2, are expected to be at the Startdag on Tuesday, 31 January 2023.

School holidays

The Dutch government offers an overview of the 2022-2023 school holidays (in Dutch).

Time slots

Time slots divide the week into different parts to prevent a clash in course times. It is usually not possible to choose courses that are scheduled in the same time slot.