Honours track: U-TEAch

U-TEAch (Utrecht Teacher Education Academy) is a selective honours track which provides extra enrichment to the regular Teacher Education possible to Utrecht University.

We offer U-TEAch in partnership with various international and bilingual schools in the Netherlands and abroad, creating a perfect combination of theory and practice. You will be taught and coached by a team of experienced teachers at our partner schools and teacher educators. This combination of work and study means that you have the opportunity to immediately practice what you learn in class in a classroom environment.

Study programme

U-TEAch is a full time one-year track that starts each fall semester. Science Education and Communication students follow U-TEAch in their second year.

In addition to the required modules of the teacher training programme, U-TEAch offers you three integrated courses: Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL), International and Cross Cultural Education (ICE) and Internationalise Your Classroom (IYC). See below for a complete overview of all courses that are part of the U-TEAch programme.

U-TEAch schedule 2022-2023 (pdf)

If you have been admitted to the U-TEAch honours track within SEC, your secondary electives will be mostly filled by the three courses mentioned above and your study timeline will be different from the regular programme. Your study planning will require extra attention since your primary electives have to be taken outside the periods of the U-TEAch teaching practice. For U-TEAch-specific programme requirements, see your planning form.

Career opportunities

The course leads to a Dutch first-degree teaching certificate which fully qualifies you to teach at Dutch schools in your school subject. In addition to the first-degree teaching certificate, you will receive a U-TEAch honours certificate to provide evidence that you have specialized in international and bilingual teaching.

More information

For questions about U-TEAch, enrolment, admission et cetera, please check our FAQ (pdf) or contact our student advisor via studieadviseur.gst@uu.nl.

Within the U-TEAch honours track, Matt Decovsky (m.i.decovsky@uu.nl) and Peter Mesker (p.mesker@uu.nl) are tutors. Matt Decovsky is also the coordinator of the U-TEACH track.