Check the flowchart (pdf, in Dutch) to see in which orientation period you have to participate.

Startweek Internship/Job

The Startweek Intership/Job is being held from Monday 24 up to Thursday 27 August 2020. The orientation programme consists of a general part and a school-subject-specific part.

Check the most up-to-date programme of the Startweek Intership/Job (pdf, in Dutch).

PLEASE NOTE: the programme may be subject to modifications. Check this website regularly, since there can be last minute changes in the programme. To see your planned courses, always check your education programme via MyTimetable. 

Opening session

Due to corona regulations, it is not yet entirely clear how the opening session will be planned. We will organise an online introduction during the first week of the academic year and hope to be able to plan a ‘live’ meeting in the second week of the semester. Details will follow as soon as possible.


The study schedules for Semester 1 will be available from the end of July. Use MyTimetable to view your personal schedule.

There are various aspects to the courses, such as lectures (sometimes including practical and instruction classes) and working groups. The lectures are the same for everyone, but the working groups vary per person.

Find more information on your study schedule on the Science Education and Communication students website.

Introduction letters

Introduction letters of the two year Master´s programme Science Education and Communication (SEC):

  • Introduction letter SEC (pdf) - not yet available
  • Introduction letter SEC - Research and Development (pdf) - not yet available