Intro GST

This website has not yet been updated. The dates for the introduction period in August 2024 are as follows:

  • The ‘Startweek stage/baan’ takes place from Monday, 19 August through Thursday, 22 August.
  • The ‘Startdag eerstegraads module’ for students starting (i.a.) Professional in Praktijk 2 / Teaching Practice 2 takes place on Tuesday, August 20.
  • The Opening Session(s) for new students of the two-year Master’s Programmes Education and Communication will take place during the first week(s) of the academic year. Days and times are yet to be determined. As soon as they are known, they will be published here.

Check the Intro GST Flowchart (pdf, in Dutch) to determine which introduction you are expected to attend in due course.

Welcome to the website for the introduction activities of the Graduate School of Teaching (GST)! 

During the introduction period we will welcome you and help you find your way. You will meet your fellow students and teachers, and you will also start classes in those same weeks.

Please note that these English webpages are primarily targeted at Science Education and Communication (SEC) students. For information about the introduction for all other GST programmes, please visit the Dutch version of this website.

On this page specifically you will find the following:

  • Which introduction activity is for you
  • How to find your way around Utrecht Science Park
  • Useful contact information

Other useful information about the activities you are expected to attend can be found on the Introduction activities and Practical matters pages.

Which introduction is for you?

The GST and the Faculty of Science organize different activities based on the different types of study programmes and student groups:

  • If you are enrolled in the SEC track Teacher Degree (without exemptions), you are required to attend both the GST Startweek stage/baan from Monday 29 January through Thursday 1 February (since you will start with educational courses) and the SEC-specific introduction activities at the start of the semester (because you are a new SEC student).
  • If you are enrolled in the SEC track Research & Development, you are required to attend the SEC-specific introduction activities during the first weeks of the semester.

How to find your way

Check the Utrecht Science Park campus map or the overview of University buildings.


Questions? Please see our FAQ or go to the contact page to find out how to reach us.