Below you will find answers to questions about the vouchers. They are organised according to the procedure, with an extra category "Other":

  1. Is this for me?
  2. What's on offer?
  3. Make an appointment
  4. Show ID and register
  5. Other

In case you cannot find the answer to your question, you can send an email to, with subject: "Question about Voucher" 

I didn't receive a voucher. What to do?

The voucher rather is an administrative object than a physical card. In our system we can see who is entitled to use a voucher.

Can I give my voucher to my housemate?

Sadly, no. We’re sorry for your housemate, but the voucher is personal and non-transferable.

I recently terminated my enrolment in UU. Can I still use the voucher?

Unfortunately not. To use the voucher, you must currently be enrolled as a student at Utrecht University.

How often can I use the voucher?

Exactly once.

How long will my voucher stay valid?

Your voucher will be valid for two years. If you received your voucher in late December 2016, you can use it any time before late December 2018. 

I’d prefer not to be known to the providers as a student. Does that have consequences for my voucher?

Because payment by means of the voucher is only available to current students of Utrecht University, it is necessary for us to inform Babel, Parnassos or COLUU that you are a UU student. By using your voucher, you are granting Skills Lab permission to communicate that fact to the relevant providers. If you are unwilling to grant us that permission, you will unfortunately not be able to use your voucher.

I’m not a freshman anymore. Can I still take these courses?

The starting date for the voucher programme is 2017. If you started your studies before that, then you are sadly ineligible for a voucher. You can, however, avail yourself of free coaching for your writing skills at the Skills Lab Writing Centre. You may also find that tuition for the other courses and workshops is quite reasonable.

Can I use my voucher to get a discount on a course

You can use the voucher to take a course or workshop from the list entirely free of charge. It’s not a coupon.

What can I get for my voucher?

Your voucher will let you take part, free of charge, in one course, workshop or personal coaching. You’ll find the list of available courses on this website, under “What's on offer.”

Where can I find the Skills Lab Desk and what are the opening hours?

Skills Lab Desk is in the University Library Uithof, second floor. You are welcome at the appointed time (see step 3, voucherpage).

Why do I have to register with my voucher at a service desk instead of online?

We need to see you in person so we can check your ID and verify that you have an unused voucher registered to you. Because Babel, Parnassos and COLUU each have separate registration systems, Skills Lab is running the voucher administration for all of them. 

Is there a way to register online and ‘pay’ with my voucher?

No. You need to register in person at a Skills Lab service desk because the voucher system is managed centrally by Skills Lab, independently of the course providers. 

What do I need to bring when I go to register?

To register, you will need: a valid Utrecht University student ID card and valid photo ID. It would be useful for you to decide what course you’d like to take ahead of time so we can register you immediately. If you’re having difficulty deciding, we’ll be happy to discuss your options.

I have no interest in using the voucher and would prefer not to be on the list of voucher holders. What do I do?

Send an email to requesting that your name and information be removed from the list. 

What happens if the course is cancelled? Will I have wasted my voucher?

Not at all. If a course cannot go ahead or the provider cancels it, we will likewise cancel your redemption of your voucher. You will be able to apply your voucher to a different course.

How will you use my personal data?

Skills Lab records personal data for the purpose of providing interested students the opportunity to take part in a single course, workshop or individual coaching free of charge. Such data will be stored for a period no longer than two years. Students’ personal data and their choices about what courses to take will not be linked. Anonymised statistics may be used to analyse aspects of the voucher programme at a policy level. These anonymised statistics include course selection, gender identity, faculty, and voucher redemption date.

What happens if I am unexpectedly prevented from attending the course I registered for?

Unfortunately, your voucher will be expired. Our adagio is registration = participation = voucher used. If you want to join the course at a later stage, this will be possible, but not for free.

If I have any comments about the courses on offer, who do I leave them with?

Because Skills Lab serves as an intermediary for the whole programme, we would very much like to hear whether the courses on offer are relevant to your interests. However, the quality of individual courses remains the responsibility of the provider in question. Skills Lab is only responsible for the project logistics.