Are you having problems with or related to your studies? Do you need advice or counselling for personal problems? See the overview page on this website: Practical Information > Advising and counselling.

Costs: Free of charge

Length and frequency:

  • The workshop consists of one 3 hour session.
  • This workshop will be given at least two times per year.

Brief content:
Are you often feel tense? Do you feel regularly rushed? Do you suffer from poor sleep? Come to the workshop ‘Tackle stress’.

  • You gain insight into how stress works
  • You learn to recognize your own stress signals
  • You practice skills that help you unwind
  • You practice how you can reverse negative thinking patterns
  • You can share your experiences with others and learn from each other's good practices

Course provider: Career Services

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Do you want more information about your study choice? Or do you need a step by step plan to find the academic programme that best suits you? 

Check out all your options here

Are you unclear on what kind of job will suit you, what you are passionate about, or what is possible with your educational background?

Do you want an individual session to talk about your master's programme orientation? 

  • Do you feel that stress is bothering you more than is good for you?
  • Do you think you should do something about it?

Student Services is offering a 2 session workshop about stress management for international students. 

Costs: free of charge

Length and frequency

  • two sessions of 2 hours

Brief content of the workshop

This workshop is based on both mindfulness and  cognitive/behavioral therapy. During the mindfulness exercises you practice to focus your attention. This will help you to be aware of what is going on in each moment and to relax obsessive thinking.  In this way you can gain a broader and more accepting view on your thoughts and feelings. Skills in constructive thinking will help you to identify unrealistic and unhelpful thoughts. In this workshop you will practice to change them into thoughts that are more realistic and beneficial for you.

  • During the workshop we exchange experiences to also learn from each other. You are expected to do some homework between the two sessions, which takes about 30-45 minutes daily.

Course provider: Student Services


  • This workshop is currently not available 

Costs: Free of charge

Length and frequency:

  • A session lasts 45 minutes, but you can come back for a few more sessions if you want.  

Brief content:
You discuss with a trained student (peer tutor) any questions you have about studying. The coaching gives you more insights into your own situation. After the session you will be better able to determine what is not going well yet and what is needed to improve your (study) approach. Topics you can discuss:

  • Study skills
  • Read and study efficiently 
  • Prepare for your exams
  • Planning your study
  • Time management

Course provider: Skills Lab

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