Would you like to have better exam results or avoid running out of time? Why not take a closer look at the way you approach your study. O&T – COLUU offers a workshop in English on Smart study techniques. Also visit the page Practical information > Advising and counselling for study tips.

The O&T COLUU offers more courses and workshops which touch upon the subject of studying more effectively. All courses (except one) of O&T-COLUU are given in Dutch. If you are interested in an English version of a course or if you want personal advice, please contact them or visit the consultation hour.

* For this course/workshop you can use your voucher. 

Workshop ‘Smart study techniques' *

Costs: €35,- 

Length and frequency:

Brief content of the workshop:

  • Ideal study process
  • Learning styles
  • Mind mapping
  • Question-oriented reading
  • Concentration tips
  • Diagramming
  • Testing strategies

Course provider: This course is given by 'Educational Development and Training'. There is a consultation hour in which you can get more information about this course or ask for personal advice. Check their site

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