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The following workshops will help you prepare for your career:

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What is your dream job? How do you get there? Which factors influence a successful job search as an international in the Netherlands? In this session we discuss the opportunities and challenges in finding a job in the Netherlands, you define your ambition and you create your personal career strategy.

Costs: €70,- 
This includes a discount of 25% for UU students

Length and frequency:

  • The workshop consists of one 1.5 hour session and 1 hour preparation
  • Maximum nr. of participants 5
  • The workshop is offered every month see the course dates here

Learning objectives:
By the end of the workshop, you should be be able to:

  • Define your personal ambition
  • Identify the most important factors in realizing your ambitions
  • Develop strategies to influence the factors in a positive way

Course provider: This session is given by Talent4NL. Talent4NL supports international students in the Netherlands in their job search in the Netherlands.

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Cross-cultural career coaching

Are you an international student or recent graduate and do you want to enhance your career prospects and launch a successful future career in the Netherlands? Do you need support to understand the Dutch job market and the recruitment and selection process of employers, to bridge cultural differences to achieve effective communication and connection, to discover your talents, interests and abilities?

Talent4NL enables ambitious international students and graduates to launch and progress their career in the Netherlands effectively.

Costs: €356,- (discounted fee for UU students currently registered or maximum 12 months after graduation)

Length and frequency:

  • The intercultural career coaching consists of three one-on-one sessions of 75 minutes each with an intercultural career expert of Talent4NL

Learning objectives
By the end of the sessions you will have:

  • improved your knowledge and understanding of the Dutch job market and the Dutch working culture.
  • developed your professional skills, insight in your personal strengths and you are aware of the intercultural context. 

...and you are ready to make the transition from a student to a successful working professional!

Course provider: The coaching sessions are delivered by the intercultural career experts of Talent4NL. Talent4NL enables ambitious international students and graduates to launch and progress their careers effectively.

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Costs for UU student: 25,- euros


  • Monday 28 to Thursday 31 January (lecture-free week between period 2 and 3)
  • 4 whole days 9.00-17.00 with the possibility to use the workshop space afterwards to work on your project.
  • Thursday will be concluded with a pitch for a professional jury and networking drinks at the UtrechtInc community.

Short content:

  • During an intensive and fun week, you will experience what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur! You will learn all the skills you need to make a startup project a success.
  • The week consists of theory and hands-on training of experienced entrepreneurs. Under their guidance you will learn to turn your ideas into action.
  • The week ends with a pitch event, where you present your findings to a professional jury.
  • After completing the week you will have learned the skills needed to realize your ideas! You will receive an official certificate from the Centre for Entrepreneurship.

Location: Learning Space UtrechtInc, Padualaan 8

For whom: We invite students who want to find out if entrepreneurship is something for them. Previous startup experience is not necessary.

Provider: Centre for Entrepreneurship. Visit for more information.

Sign up: Or register immediately via this link.

Career Services

Are you unclear on what kind of job will suit you, what you are passionate about, or what is possible with your educational background? In this workshop, we will explore these questions to find out what is in your wheelhouse. By consciously and actively engaging with these themes, you will find out what it is you really want.

An experienced career coach will encourage you to look at different aspects of yourself and your life to extract information for your future. By mapping your interests, capabilities, motives and career values, you will determine what is (most) important to you. After that, we will consider the jobs, organizations and tasks that fit your preferences.

After this workshop, you will continue your job search with more self-knowledge and more self-confidence. 

Who is it for
3rd-year and 4th-year Bachelor's and Master's degree students and recent UU graduates

Registration for:

Do you know what skills you’ve acquired at uni? People tend not to think much about these things. Transferable skills are useful in all kinds of professional contexts and you carry them with you from one job to the next.

If you want to convince an employer that you’re the right person for a job or an internship, you need the ability to present your skills with clarity and conviction. This workshop will make you aware of the transferable skills you’ve developed in your studies, at your temp jobs and in your extracurricular activities.

In the workshop, you’ll analyse a job offering and try to assess, as accurately as you can, what the employer is looking for. You’ll learn to distinguish between specialist and generic (though job-specific) skills. You will then catalogue your transferable skills and practice providing examples that show what skills you possess.

Upon completing the workshop, you’ll know exactly what your skills are and you’ll be better able to advertise them.

Who is it for
3rd-year and 4th-year Bachelor's and Master's degree students and recent UU graduates

Free entrance

Registration for:

The job market offers innumerable possibilities. In this workshop you will learn how to get a better understanding of organizations and positions. You will also learn how to use and improve the networks you belong to.

It makes sense to bear your preferences, qualities, and drives in mind as you explore the job market. To do that, you need a clear picture of what criteria your future job has to meet. If you don't have that yet, recommend you take the Self-analysis for Career Development workshop first (link). You could also look into some jobs that interest you and formulate criteria based on those.

In the Exploring the Job Market & Networking workshop, we will look at the ways employers look for employees, so you can anticipate their needs as you look for a job. You will learn how to track jobs and vacancies and how to make use of your network. You will also learn how best to present yourself to prospective employers by preparing a professional pitch.

When you complete this workshop, you will better understand how to approach the job market and will be more aware of the potential of your own network. As a result, you will approach prospective employers with greater confidence.

Who is it for
3rd-year and 4th-year Bachelor's and Master's degree students and recent UU graduates

Registration for:

You can’t start soon enough with expanding your network. Therefore, make sure you have a good LinkedIn profile while you are still in university, as this will be helpful in finding the right job after you graduate. When you apply for jobs, promoting yourself online is essential. Potential employers will definitely be googling you. Of course, you want to look professional when they do. In this workshop you will learn how to show the best version of yourself online. We’ll explore what a good LinkedIn profile looks like and how to use LinkedIn to map out your job market. We will discuss how you can build your network and how to use LinkedIn groups and company pages. Furthermore, we will have a look at the job page of LinkedIn. 

In order to take part in this workshop, you need to have created a LinkedIn profile already. Bring your (charged) laptop with you, so you can start right away.

Who is it for
3rd-year and 4th-year Bachelor's and Master's degree students and recent UU graduates

Free entrance

Registration for:

Are you ready to look for an internship or new job? In this workshop you will learn what is standard practice for writing an effective cv and appropriate cover letter.

Using instruction video’s and detailed explanations of do’s and don’ts, we will show you the different components that make up cv’s and cover letters. We’ll also discuss how employers select from all the cv’s and letters they receive, and how you can use this knowledge to your advantage. During the workshop you will start working on your cv and cover letter and give each other feedback with the help of a checklist. There will be plenty of time for you to ask any questions you may have.

Once you have finished your cv and/or cover letter using all the knowledge you’ve gained during the workshop, you can get this checked by a career officer in an individual session.

This workshop is an excellent starting point for students who are new to writing cv’s and cover letters. 

Who is it for
3rd-year and 4th-year Bachelor's and Master's degree students and recent UU graduates

Free entrance

Registration for:

Do you know what is important during job interviews? This workshop will help you understand the employer's perspective and how to play into their needs effectively. In this workshop we will focus on the interview that you need to do to get a job or internship. You will also learn about the do’s and don’ts of writing your CV and cover letter.

For this workshop, it is important that you have a relatively clear idea of what kinds of organizations and jobs appeal to you. If you are not there yet, we recommend that you take the Exploring the Job Market & Networking workshop first.

For the Preparing a job interview workshop, you will analyze a vacancy of your choice in order to assess what an employer is looking for. You will examine how your motivation and experience align with the job. You will also practice your answers to some common job interview questions and will be coached on how to improve your presentation.

This practical workshop will help you build confidence for your next application for a job or internship. Afterwards, you can make an appointment with a career officer to practice one-to-one. 

Who is it for
3rd-year and 4th-year Bachelor's and Master's degree students and recent UU graduates

Registration for:

A day planner brimming with tasks and responsibilities: how familiar does that sound? How do you ensure that your efforts are effectively and efficiently directed while at the same maintaining your well-being under the onslaught?

In this workshop, you’ll explore a number of models and insights from the field of time management. These will help you organise and prioritise your tasks. We will distinguish between urgent and important tasks and practice the ‘Getting Things Done’ method. We will also examine which style of working is best for you, so that you may enjoy all of its benefits and will be able to avoid (many of) the pitfalls.

This interactive training will help you work with a purpose and reduce your stress levels into the bargain. Conscious and effective!

Who is it for
3rd-year and 4th-year Bachelor's and Master's degree students and recent UU graduates

Free entrance

Registration for: