Are you writing a paper, essay or thesis and would you like to get individual coaching? Then the Skills Lab Writing Centre is the place to be. Together with a student coach you will discuss the writing process and your text.
Moreover, there are several courses on academic writing. Below you will find an overview.

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Costs: free of charge

Length and frequency

  • Individual writing tutoring (45-minute sessions)
  • These sessions are offered all year round.

Brief content of the course

  • Improving your academic writing skills
  • Demand-driven (you are the one who decides what to discuss during the session)
  • Formulating the research question
  • Write more efficiently
  • Structuring your text
  • Argumentation
  • Planning
  • Academic writing style

Course provider: Skills Lab Writing Centre

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Costs for UU students: €183,75  
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Length and frequency:

  • Online course: 10 modules
  • The course takes up 60 hours of home study and you have access to the course for a period of three months.

Brief content of the course
The course involves various aspects of academic writing, such as:

  • Using formal language
  • Expanding academic vocabulary
  • Structuring a text
  • Using correct punctuation
  • Avoiding wordiness
  • Revising grammar issues
  • Linking ideas
  • Recognising common pitfalls

Course provider: Babel

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A very important (but unfortunately a bit boring) part of writing an academic paper is learning the correct way of citing literature.

  • How do I refer to an article, a book or a Facebook message?
  • When am I guilty of plagiarism?
  • What are the rules for my discipline?
  • How do I cite according to the rules of APA, MLA, Chicago, Vancouver etc.?

Subject specialists and information specialists of the University Library know the rules. They can teach you how to cite correctly and show you which reference management tool  is the simplest solution for you. Send an email to your contact person to make a personal appointment.

More information about literature references can be found in the Libguide.


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  • Personal feedback on style and use of language 

Costs for UU students: €35,- 

Length and frequency:

  • One session of 3 hours
  • This workshop is offered 4 times a year in Dutch and 4 times a year in English

Brief content of the workshop

  • Characteristics of a scientific paper (and the different genres)
  • Structure and planning of your text
  • Setting up your line of reasoning
  • Peer feedback on and assignments for your own texts / assignments

Course provider: This course is given by 'Educational Consultancy & Professional Development'. There is a consultation hour in which you can get more information about this course or ask for personal advice. Check their site

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