With a Skills Lab Writing Centre tutor you may work on clarifying and refining your research plan and writing plan. The University Library offers several general pages with information about Searching for literature and Managing data. Or contact a subject specialist for personal advice. The University Library also offers a workshop Data Management in English.

Searching for literature

Do you find it difficult to find relevant literature for your research? To get the best results you have to answer the following questions:

  • What am I looking for?
  • Where should I be looking?
  • How do I search?
  • How do I select and assess my search results?

Information specialists and subject specialists of the University Library can help you with these questions. Mail your contact person for a personal appointment.

More information about searching for literature can be found in the LibGuide Zoekstrategie: http://libguides.library.uu.nl/zoekstrategie (in Dutch only) or on the website of the University Library, searching for literature,  

Saving and managing literature

Do you collect many literature references and want to keep a well-arranged overview? Are you looking for an easy way to make references and reading lists? Then a so-called literature management programme is the perfect solution for you.

Subject and information specialists of the University Library can give more information about the several programmes: what does such a programme mean to you, which one suits you the best and next how to use it. Send an email to your contact person for a personal appointment.

You will find more information and facilities for managing data & literature in the UBU libguides, you find them here. Or go to the website of the University Library, managing data & literature

Writing tutoring

Costs: Free of charge

Length and frequency:

  • Individual writing tutoring (45-minute sessions)
  • These sessions are offered all year round.

Brief content:

  • Improving your academic writing skills
  • Demand-driven (you are the one who decides what to discuss during the session)
  • Formulating the research question
  • Write more efficiently
  • Structuring your text
  • Argumentation
  • Planning
  • Academic writing style

Provider: Skills Lab Writing Centre

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