Workshop 'Tackle Stress'

Jonge vrouw in trein kijkt uit het raam

Studying, a part-time job, board work, sports, social activities ... a full schedule and felt pressure on performance sometimes leave little opportunity to unstring. If there is too much tension for too long, it becomes increasingly difficult to relax. This can lead to high stress levels, which is unpleasant and unhealthy. Sometimes it also induces worrying. This also works the other way around: a lot on your own in your room because of corona, no fun social activities in the near future, losing your job and worrying about your health or that of your loved ones. This too can cause stress and you may find it difficult to relax.

In this workshop we look at how stress arises and how you can recognise its symptoms. We map out what you can do to deal with it. What is relaxing for you? How do you ensure that you practice healthy habits (more)?

We will do a few mindfulness exercises. You thereby train your attention, so that you can be more aware of the state of your body and mind. You can also do these exercises at home, which may allow you to find more peace and relax more consciously.

We will investigate which beliefs may underlie your stress. How do certain thoughts affect your well-being? Are those thoughts true? Do you always have to please everyone? Do you have to be perfect? Do you always have to be strong?

For who? 

This workshop is for all UU students who feel stressed and want to investigate and tackle it. You get more insight and skills to do that. It is a workshop, in which you can also learn from the experiences of others.

Costs: Free of charge