Five Golden rules for Academic Writing

  1. Academic writing is about Knowledge Transforming (critical reflection on what you have read), rather than Knowledge Telling (just summarising).
  2. Divide the work into steps (formulating the main question, reading, making an outline, writing, revising, editing), and work on them one at the time. Don't try to write a perfect first draft.
  3. Academic style is rather objective and very, very precise. Always support your statements with arguments and references.
  4. Ask around what the academic conventions are: talk with professors, peers, senior students, housemates etc. Look for examples of the assignment that you are working on: essays, papers and theses written for the same professor.
  5. Talk about your writing. With your friends, your peers or with a writing tutor. You are welcome at Skills Lab Writing Centre if you want to discuss your work.

(source: Skills Lab Writing Centre)

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