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Thesis Kick-off: four workshops to get started!

Have you just started your Bachelor or Master’s degree thesis? Register for one or more of the events in the Thesis Kick-off. UU staff are leading four workshops to get your thesis off to a flying start. You’ll get tips on proper thesis design, time management, finding and processing information, working with your thesis supervisor and effective writing. The day is open to all UU students and participation is free.

Who is it for

You’re about to start your (Bachelor or Master’s degree) thesis or you’ve been working on your graduation research for a while. It doesn’t matter what academic programme you’re in.

When and where

The next Thesis Kick-offs will take place in February in the University Library City Centre. 

  • Monday February 10, 2020 (Dutch), University Library Utrecht Science Park
  • Tuesday February 11, 2020 (English), University Library Utrecht Science Park
  • Thursday April 23, 2020 (English), University Library Utrecht Science Park


All the workshops are given in English. 

Taught by an Academic Skills teacher, Educational Consultancy & Professional Development.

In this workshop, you will learn what it takes to conduct research effectively and efficiently. It starts with carefully delineating your thesis subject and clearly formulating your thesis question. These are two crucial elements of study design. Add to that a realistic schedule, and you stand a very good chance of writing your thesis with purpose and without delay.

Taught by Daan van Loon, subject librarian, University Library.

Your thesis is only ever as good as the sources you use, but where do you start looking for them and how do you know which ones are relevant?
In this workshop, you will develop an effective method of finding and evaluating sources for optimal results. You will also learn how best to manage and reference the literature you choose to use in your study.

Taught by Rutger-Jan Scholtens, trainer/career coach Career Services.

Thesis supervisors are important. They coach you and evaluate your work. How do you make the most of them? In this workshop, we will explore questions like: What can you expect from your supervisor and what do they expect from you? When is it best not to bother your supervisor? We will look at example thesis interviews, discuss the pitfalls in those interviews and share tips on how to avoid them.

Taught by Skills Lab Writing Centre coaches.

In this workshop, you will receive tons of tips on how to plan out your writing in a way that lends it real structure. You will also learn strategies for getting that first draft out quick, so you can refine its structure. During this workshop you will apply these techniques to your own writing.

Costs & Registration

Participation is free. You can register for each workshop separately, but we recommend that you attend all the workshops. 

The workshops will only take place with a sufficient number of participants.

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The Thesis Kick-off is being organised by:

If you have any questions, please contact the Skills Lab.