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Throughout the year, Skills Lab organizes events for students working on their thesis. On this webpage you will find an overview of the upcoming events. 

Summer thesis groups

Will you continue to write on your thesis over the summer? Could you use the support of fellow students or the social control in the UB? During this time it can be more difficult to work on your thesis in a good and motivated way. Would you like to work on your thesis together with other students and get some extra structure into your day? Then sign up for an online summer thesis group.

Thesis events academic year 2021-2022

Would you like to be kept informed about our thesis events in 2021-2022? Leave your email address and get an email from us when registation opens. We will not use your email address for other purposes.

(online) Thesis week

Many students find their thesis study to be a real challenge. You are mostly left to your own devices and it can be difficult to get started and to stay motivated. During the thesis week you will work on your thesis for a week (5 days) with other students.
Would you like some extra structure in your day and in your thoughts? Are you interested in tips, coaching and workshops that will help you write a better thesis faster? If so, you’ll definitely want to check out Thesis week.

(Online) Thesis Groups

The Online Thesis groups are intended for all students, regardless of their degree programme or study phase, who are working on their thesis at this moment and would like to have more regular contact with other students.This can be for various reasons: for example, you want to learn to plan better, work in a more concentrated and motivated manner, or because you’re struggling to write your thesis in general. 

(online) Thesis kick-off

Have you just started your Bachelor or Master’s degree thesis? Then the Thesis Kick-off might be something for you! During this Kick-off you can attend four webinars, provided by UU staff. Here you will obtain useful tips about a variety of topics, that will help you during the process of thesis writing. The topics of the webinars are:

  • Designing your thesis and setting a schedule
  • Finding the right sources: what, where and how?
  • Effective writing
  • Getting the most out of your supervisor

The thesis events for the academic year 2020-2021: 

(Dates will be announced later)

2nd period

  • Thesis kick-off (EN): November

3rd period

  • Thesis kick-off (EN): February 
  • Thesis Week 1(EN): March 

4th period

  • Thesis kick-off (EN): April 
  • Thesis Week 2 (EN): May