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Do you miss the support of your fellow students or the social control in the University library? In these times it can be more difficult to concentrate and stick to your schedules. How can you study effectively when alone at home?

The Skills Lab is here to help, as it will be organising special Digital Study Work Groups during period 4. You will be assigned to a group with around 5 other students who have similar needs. In your group, you discuss your goals and schedule. This will make it easier for you to stick to them and study more effectively. You also exchange experiences and tips. A student coach also participates in the group. The student coach can give extra advice on writing and study techniques during the weekly meetings.

The Digital Study Work Groups are intended for all students, regardless of their degree programme or phase in their studies, who want to have more regular contact with other students. This could be for a variety of reasons: for example, you want to learn to plan better, work with more focus on your studies, or because you’re struggling to write your thesis.

The group meetings take place via Teams. During the first meeting you get to know the other students in your group and the student coach and you will learn to make a good study schedule. You then formulate your study goals for yourself: for the long term (the entire block), the medium term (per week) and the short term (per day). Each week, before the meeting with the Digital Study Work Group, for example, you evaluate your goals and decide what new tasks and goals you will set for yourself. During the meetings you tell the other students how you have got on and what new plans you have made.

Talking about your study process with others in this way will help you see things more clearly and keep your motivated. What’s more, through the Digital Study Work Group you can always fall back on students who are working on roughly the same things as you. If you want, you can also arrange a one-to-one meeting with the coach.

Together with the student coach and the rest of the group, you decide at the end of the first meeting on the precise details of your programme. You decide together, for example, when and how often the group will meet and – if there is a need to do so – what subjects will be focused on in subsequent weeks. Based on these decisions, you (together) will make a general schedule for future meetings.

If you need, you can also keep in contact with each other outside the regular meeting times. This could be through your WhatsApp group, or if you are linked as a buddy to another student and continue working in pairs.  This is useful if you find it motivating to study with another person, such as via a video chat.

You also remain in regular contact with the student coach, via the chat in Teams or in a regular writing or study coaching session.

The group meetings take place via Teams. The Skills Lab will be organising the Digital Study Work Groups in period 4. The groups will meet on average once a week during the entire period. But if you want to meet more often, for longer or even after period 4 has finished (or you feel, in fact, that two or three meetings are enough), all these options are possible too.

When you sign up, you will be notified when your group is complete and will start. This will be in the first weeks of period 4.

Costs and registration

Participation is free of charge. You sign up to meet in a small group, on average once a week. The success of the groups depends entirely on the commitment of all participants, so make sure you actually can and want to join the sessions. 
In order for us to form the groups as much as possible according to the participants’ needs and wishes, please fill in the registration form giving as much detail as possible.

We find it important that you are placed in a group with other students who have the same needs. It depends on other enrolments how fast we can place you in a group. As soon as a group is complete, we link the group to a study or writing coach and you'll be informed. 

Registration is closed for the time being

A lot of students are enthusiastic about the digital study working groups, we do our best to help as many students as possible.
That is why the registration for the digital study working groups is closed for the time being. Keep a close eye on this site for the reopening.  

Do you want guidance right now? Take a look at our writing & study coaching and make an appointment right away. 

Speaking Dutch? 

If you're speaking Dutch, you can also register for the Dutch group (Digitale Doorwerkgroepen). 


The Digital Study Work Groups are organised by:

  • Staff, writing coaches and study coaches at the Skills Lab

Any questions? Please contact the Skills Lab.
By telephone: 030 253 6300
By email: