Wellbeing Lectures/Performances

To enhance your knowledge about well-being, various lectures were also given during the wellbeing week. The aim was to share the knowledge we have about this, so that you have more insight into the mechanisms behind your well-being. Of course there were also many tips on how you can feel better and what you can do for that.

For the next Wellbeing Week in November, please keep an eye on this page

For an impression of the previous Wellbeing Week here is the agenda for 6th-10th May 2019:

How can tips from positive psychology and the art of living (philosophy / spirituality) create more space in your head and (therefore) in your life? This question, and many more, will be answered in this interactive meeting. Welcome!

Time: 16.00 - 17.00 
Location: Bestuursgebouw, room 0.33F (Utrecht Science Park)
Language: DUTCH ONLY 


Is it true that students cannot be an alcoholic? Do you sleep better after a night's sleep? Why do students seem to experiment with resources more often than their non-studying peers? And what are the effects of this on physical and mental health? You learn it during this lecture.

Time: 14.00 - 15.00 
Location: Marinus Ruppert building, room 0.33
Language: DUTCH ONLY 


What the Brain teaches about learning. Lessons from Neuroscience.
Imaging techniques have led to new insights in the functioning of the human brain. Can these insights help us to use our brains more efficiently when we study? This lecture will give some background and some practical study advice rooted in knowledge from neuroscience.

Time: 14.00 - 14.45
Location: Victor J. koningsbergergebouw, Atlaszaal
Langauge: ENGELS


From a career at Rijkswaterstaat to nature coach - How things can go differently

You have mapped out a nice career path. You go to work, you have a good job. But what if it no longer fits? 

"From a career at Rijkswaterstaat where I started, I now work as a nature and hiking coach. At a certain point I noticed that the work I was doing no longer suited me. I stopped. An exciting and uncertain period. Uneasy too, which way is it going? At one point I noticed, when you close a door, another one opens. Things came my way. I went hiking again. Nature gave me new ideas that seem to fit me much better and that make me happy. Now I work as a nature and hiking coach. I am happy to tell you my story and share my insights with you. I look forward to meeting you."

Former student of Human Geography and Spatial Planning
Daniëlle Langendijk

​Time: 15.30 - 16.30
Location: David de Wiedgebouw, Zaal M 2.01
Language: Dutch

Time Out Foundation, a foundation for and by young people, actively encourages students and young professionals to discuss burnout and performance pressure by taking control of 20 Time Out Tour live events on location throughout the Netherlands.

Young people organize a Time Out event together with the Foundation. A Time Out event is interactive theater, music, a live and online research and then a pause2play in the Time Out Café. A positive and accessible event where you critically examine yourself and your environment.

What do you think? What could be different or better? Talk and think along in the Time Out Café! It is time for a positive change.
For everything you want to know about the Time Out Tour, the Foundation or how to organize a Time out event, mail to: info@timeoutlab.nu or visit the website.

Time: 19:30 - 22:00
Location: University of Utrecht, Megaron Educatorium room (Leuvenlaan 19)
Language: Dutch