We're all obligated to stay home as much as possible. Right now however, it is nice to get your daily doze of fresh air - of course, somewhere where it is quiet and at the right distance from others. It may be that you don't feel like it all the time. At the same time, you know that it gives you renewed energy.

Being outside empties your head and often gives you a different view on thoughts, situations and problems. Through the movement of your brain alone, you can come to a different way of thinking. You can use your walking break to experience more relaxation and clear your head. Often, the answers will automatically come to you.

With "walk, reflect, act", an experienced coach walks with you (digitally) or you answer a number of questions that you receive in advance on your own. Through a mindfulness exercise, we help you to be in the here and now and to experience your surroundings. Afterwards there is room for reflection. You are in the lead to indicate what question is on your mind. This can be a career question (What do I like? How do I find the job I am looking for? What are my talents?) or a more general question, for example, what could give meaning in your life right now. We also discuss which (small) steps you can take to move forward.

Do you want to come along?