Meditation Lab

The Meditation Lab is looking for a suitable, more permanent space to hold the sessions. The organizers also want to investigate in what form we can continue with it. This means that there will certainly be no Meditation Lab until January 2024.

However, a four-week meditation course will be offered in the fall. Information about this will be announced on this website and in the Team Meditation Lab at the beginning of November. Do you have any questions, suggestions or comments? Mail them to


Students report it is stimulating to meditate with a group, even when it's online. This promotes attention and is a good addition to meditation on your own and/or with an app. During each session we will do one or two meditations, and there is also room to ask questions or exchange experiences. The meditation sessions are in English.

Experiences from students

The guidance is provided by a number of student counselors with long experience in meditation or mindfulness.

Sign up
Go to Microsoft Teams and choose 'Teams' in the menu on the left. Click on ''join or create team'' and enter the code dd5n229. Doesn't work? Then click 'join or create a team' top right. Search for 'Online Meditation Lab UU' and join!

In case that doesn't work either, you can also send an email to to let us know that you would like to be added to the MS Teams Channel. 

Do you have questions? Mail to