What to expect from your time at UU

Utrecht University offers a high-ranking educational programme, that brings opportunities for development and growth academically, professionally and personally. 

This can be fulfilling, exciting and fun, but it can also be demanding.


Building strong foundations for your learning experience at UU

Health and wellbeing is a crucial ingredient for an effective and fulfilling study-life.

Health and wellbeing is a crucial ingredient for a fulfilling and effective study-life. Your studies can be affected by your daily life or any personal or practical challenges that arise. As you deal with these challenges, somtimes support can help. That is why we offer support, educational resources and a welfare network, so that you can get the most out of your learning experience:

- Support network, advisers and counselors for advice and support in the academic or personal field.
- Activities, events and workshops for academic and personal development.

Who is this for?

  • Anyone coping with long or short term health conditions, disabilities and mental health
  • Anyone who is currently feeling stressed, exhausted or isolated
  • Anyone who is confident and comfortable with their studies and would like to boost their learning and development, by creating strong foundations for an enhanced student experience that is balanced, fulfilling and optimized