Utrecht University reserves a limited number of rooms with property management organisation Smart City Lofts in The Hive residence. Because the rooms are very popular, anticipate that you might not be able to book this way. So also explore other options before booking opens!

Who can apply

This accommodation is only available for international degree seeking students who enrol in a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree programme and are eligible for the Reserved Accommodation Programme. If you are unsure if this applies to you make sure to reach out to us before booking opens!

When to apply

Registration and booking opens on 17 May 2018 9.00 AM Central European Summer Time (CEST). It is possible to reserve accommodation prior to your formal admission. Once the accommodation is fully booked you will not be notified by Smart City Lofts if a room becomes available again due to a cancellation or no show. For this you would need to check the Smart City Lofts website regularly.

  1. Registration and booking for the next academic year opens on May 17th 2018 9.00 CEST
  2. Eligible students can register on the website of Smart City Lofts. Select “Projects | Book with loftselector” and select Utrecht – The Hive. Select “view the lofts” for a link to the booking portal
  3. Select a room on the 2nd, 3rd or 4th floor and register to book
  4. Register using this year's UU entry code: HJ4J7pPeUJ. This code is not valid on ground floor and 1st floor
  5. Pay the nonrefundable 25 euro registration fee
  6. Smart City Lofts will verify your application with Utrecht University before your reservation request is accepted
  7. When you sign the contract you are charged the first month's rent, a one off contract fee of 115 euros, and a 500 euro deposit

Types of accommodation

Smart City Lofts offer single furnished rooms. The kitchen and bathroom facilities are shared with the other tenants. Download this brochure for more information on the rooms and furnishing. All the rooms have internet provided.

Average rent

The monthly rental fees start from approximately 450 euros.

Rent allowance

The rooms in the Hive are not eligible for the government regulated scheme called rent allowance. Read more about rent allowance.

Rental period

The accommodation is only available for a one year fixed rental period: September 2018 up to and including August 2019.


The Hive is situated in near the city center of Utrecht. Follow this link for the Google Maps location.

How do I increase my chances of booking Smart City Lofts accommodation?

The accommodation is rented out on a first come, first served basis. Once registration and booking opens you are advised not to postpone this to a later time. Still, even if you keep to the booking date, there is a chance that you will not be able to book a room. Take this in mind and also explore alternative options beforehand.

Can I rent Smart City Lofts accommodation for longer or shorter?  

This is not possible. Smart City Lofts accommodation is only available for a fixed rental period of 12 months and only for the first year of studies. If you are looking for accommodation for a shorter time frame, for example because you are planning to conduct research or an internship abroad, it is not possible to book this accommodation.

Does Smart City Lofts offer accommodation to couples or families?

Smart City Lofts does not offer accommodation for students who bring their spouse, partner or family. If you are looking for accommodation that is suitable for a family, please read our tips and tricks that can help you find accommodation on your own.

What if I am not able to book via the Reserved Accommodation Programme?

Because the number of reserved accommodations is limited, most students have to search for a room on their own. This can be difficult and time-consuming but the right preparation can increase your chances. At Utrecht University we aim to help and inform you best we can. Follow this link for tips, tricks and important things to keep in mind during your search. Also, if you have any questions or need additional advice make sure to reach out to us!

Is your question not answered in this FAQ? You can find a more extensive list of FAQs on the website of Smart City Lofts. If you are seeking additional advice or information, let us know!