Utrecht University reserves a limited number of bungalow cottages on the holiday resort RCN Het Grote Bos for new international students. The arrangement is available for September and will include a special transport arrangement from and to the University.

Reserved long stay arrangement

If you have not yet found a room for the next academic year you are strongly advised to arrange a temporary place to stay in advance. Via the Reserved Accommodation Programme you can book a room in one of the reserved cottages for your first month in the Netherlands. This reserved offer is available at a discount rate for a fixed period (Check in 31 August 2018 - Check out 30 September 2018).

Who can apply

You can apply if you are a new international degree or Erasmus / Exchange student and are planning to enrol in September of the next academic year at Utrecht University (2018 – 2019). You are only eligible if you do not yet live in the Netherlands.

When to apply

Reservations for the RCN Het Grote Bos long stay arrangement can be submitted as of 1 August 2018. The available cabins are limited and allocated on first come, first served basis. Do not wait too long to make temporary arrangements! Even temporary offers usually fill up quite quickly during the start of the academic year.

This arrangement is currently fully booked. However, it is still possible to apply for the waiting list via the steps below. In the case that we receive a cancellation you will be informed. Note that we cannot guarantee that a room will be cancelled, so also consider other options!


  1. Download the RCN Het Grote Bos application form
  2. Fill in the form and send the application to StudentServices@uu.nl in a message titled "UU-Allocation RCN"
  3. Subject to availability, you will receive a reservation confirmation via e-mail
  4. Full payment must be done upon arrival via debit or credit card

Type of accommodation

The available bungalows are the Beukenrode and Sparrendaal. The bungalows are fully furnished and have two private bedrooms and one shared bedroom (two separate beds), so they are suited for four people. This means that you share the living room, bathroom and kitchen facilities with three other international students.

Park Facilities

The park offers a laundrette, a supermarket on the Park grounds, a cafeteria and restaurant. You will receive a WiFi code for two devices. There are several sports and entertainment facilities free to use as a tenant (such as an outdoor pool, table tennis, football field and basketball field). Follow this link for a virtual tour of the park.

Booking period and costs

This reserved arrangement can be booked for a fixed period of 30 nights only. The fixed check-in date is 31 August and the check-out date is 30 September 2018. This arrangement is offered at a discount rate of 300 euros per person for a shared room, or 359 euros for a private room excluding sheets and bedding (7 euros) and tourist tax.

Cancellation procedures

Contact hetgrotebos@rcn.nl and StudentServices@uu.nl if you wish to alter or cancel your reservation as soon as possible but before 20 August 2018. Note that once you have made the payments, the booking becomes final and nonrefundable. The booking cannot be transferred to someone else.

Location and transport

RCN Het Grote Bos is located on the Hydeparklaan in Doorn, nearby Driebergen. Follow this link for its location in Google Maps. The bus stop is within walking distance to the park. Bus 56 can take you to the Driebergen-Zeist train station, from where frequent trains depart to Utrecht Central Station. In addition to the available public transport, Utrecht University will make special transport arrangements directly from and to Utrecht Science Park and Utrecht’s City Centre. You will be informed of this by Utrecht University in time.

Can I also book this arrangement as a couple or with my friend(s)?

Please inform RCN Het Grote Bos if you wish to book this arrangement as a couple or with your friend(s). You can add this information to the application form. Depending on availability they will check if this is possible.

Can I also book for longer or shorter, or for different dates?

The reserved arrangement is only available for the fixed check in date 31 August 2018 and fixed check out date 30 September. It is not possible to book a cabin for longer or shorter.

Can I cancel the arrangement when I have found alternative accommodation?

No, this is not possible. Once you have made all the payments, the booking is final and non-refundable.

Will Utrecht University find me a room for after September?

No, you will have to continue your search for accommodation on your own during your stay. Although Utrecht University cannot find you a room, we do aim to help and inform you best we can. Follow this link for tips, tricks and important things to keep in mind during your search. Also, if you have any questions or need additional advice make sure to reach out to us!

What if I have not found alternative accommodation by the end of September?

If you have not found a room by the end of September you will have to make alternative arrangements in time from where you can continue your search. Follow this link for more information on temporary housing.

Is your question not answered in this FAQ? Check the website of RCN Het Grote Bos or contact them directly.