Unlike to what you might be used to, Dutch universities do not own student housing. Instead, students are responsible for finding their own accommodation. Because searching for housing from abroad can be very difficult, Utrecht University aims to inform you of various ways to find housing. In addition, Utrecht University offers a Reserved Accommodation Programme for new international students that meet the requirements. Through this programme new international students can apply for a limited number of furnished rooms and studios. The accommodation is reserved with reliable housing providers. 

Please be aware that the Reserved Accommodation Programme is limited and does not guarantee housing. Anticipate that you might not be able to book this way and also consider other ways to find housing in advance. If you have any questions about ways to find housing do not hesitate to let us know.

Important to know

  • Once booking opens, it is possible to reserve accommodation prior to your formal admission
  • The accommodation is available for fixed rental periods and for the first year of studies only, even if you plan to study in the Netherlands for multiple years
  • Because the accommodation is not owned by Utrecht University, contracts are between the tenant and the housing provider
  • The accommodation is rented out on a first come, first served basis
  • Do not underestimate the run for housing once booking opens! In previous years the accommodation has booked up within hours
How and when to apply

Information on the Reserved Accommodation Programme for students who plan to enrol for the next academic year 2020-2021 is not yet available. More details on eligibility, rental periods, housing providers, and how to apply will follow on this page around April 2020.