Who can apply

This accommodation is only available for international students who enrol in a Master’s degree programme at Utrecht University per September 2019 and are eligible for the Reserved Accommodation Programme. 

When to apply

More information on how and when to book for the next academic year 2019-2020 will follow on this page.

Types of accommodation

Holland2Stay offers single and two-person studio apartments that are fully furnished. All studios have fast internet (wifi), a private kitchen and a private bathroom. You can find photos and additional information about the building on the Utrecht page of Holland2Stay. The communal gym, laundry room, sauna, roof terrace and lounge area are free to use as a tenant.

Average rent

The rent of the studios on offer start from approximately 724 euros including mandatory utilities per month.

Rent allowance

If you are 23 years or older and also meet the other individual requirements, the accommodation in The Flying Deer with a basic rent below 710 euros is eligible for the government regulated scheme called rent allowance. This means that you can benefit from a cost reduction of up to 300 euros off your monthly net rent. Holland2Stay can help you apply for housing allowance. Read more.

Rental period

The reserved accommodation via Holland2Stay is only available for a fixed rental period of twelve months.


The Flying Deer is situated at Vliegend Hertlaan beside the water front, in the Transwijk district of Utrecht. There is a good connection to public transportation, and it is only 15 minutes cycling distance from Utrecht Central station and the city centre. The residence is also closely situated to Park Transwijk and a shopping centre. Follow this link for the location on Google Maps.

Does Holland2Stay offer accommodation to couples or families?

Some of the the studio apartments can be booked by both singles and couples. Note that If you rent one of the apartments or studios as a couple, the total rent per month increases due to the higher energy consumption. The accommodation is not suitable for house sharing, children or families.

Can I rent Holland2Stay accommodation for longer or shorter?  

This is not possible. Reserved Holland2Stay accommodation is only available for a fixed rental period of 12 months. If you are looking for accommodation for a shorter time frame, for example because you are planning to conduct research or do an internship abroad, it is not possible to book this accommodation.

What if I am not able to book via the Reserved Accommodation Programme?

Because the number of reserved accommodation is limited, most students have to search on their own. This can be difficult and time-consuming but the right preparation can increase your chances. At Utrecht University we aim to help and inform you best we can. Follow this link for tips, tricks and important things to keep in mind during your search. Also, if you have any questions or need additional advice make sure to reach out to us!

Is your question not answered in this FAQ? You can find a more extensive list of FAQs on the website of Holland2Stay. If you are seeking additional advice or information, let us know!