Searching on the web
Photographer Arnaud Mooij, copyright UU

Tenants are quite often allowed to look for a new housemate via social media or among their friends and fellow students.  It is therefore wise to actively use your social (media) network when you are searching for a room.

You will find several social media groups listed below in which people post requests and available rooms. Please always stay aware of potential scams. For more information on this check our list of important things to keep in mind. Once you are in the Netherlands, also consider joining a student association or mentor programme to create a network of friends and peers. 

Most neighbourhoods and student flats in and around Utrecht also keep a residence group on Facebook in which residents post notifications, upcoming events and items for sale, such as furniture, bikes and clothes.You might find it useful to follow the social media group of your local community once you are settled. Some of these groups are listed below.