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If you are a degree seeking student or PhD-candidate under the age of 27, and planning to stay in Utrecht for a year or more, it is probably wise to register with SSH Regular Accommodation for unfurnished longer term housing in students’ residences. SSH is the largest student housing corporation in Utrecht.

Most students who are enrolled at a Dutch educational institution can register with SSH to be eligible for a room in the Utrecht area. On their website, SSH refers to this as ‘Regular accommodations.’ It is recommended to register with SSH ‘Regular accommodation’ as soon as you have decided to come to Utrecht, as it will increase your chances to find a place to stay after the first year.

Waiting time SSH

The waiting time for SSH ‘regular’ long term accommodation ranges from three months to over 18 months, depending on the time of the year and the location. In September, the demand for housing is very high, and even if you register with SSH upfront, it is not very likely that you will find accommodation this way on time for the start of the semester. If you register with SSH regular accommodation in the months surrounding the start of the academic year, the waiting time can be 10 up to 18 months. However, some of SSH' residences require a shorter waiting time, and sometimes they have temporary projects that are more quickly available (such as temporary unfurnished rooms).

For all types of shared student accommodation there usually is a group viewing of candidates followed by a vote of the current tenants, or ‘hospiteren’ (for more info on this read our list of things to keep in mind). Still, registering with SSH for ‘Regular accommodation’ as soon as you know you will come to Utrecht will increase your chances to finding a place to stay, especially after the first year.

Combined registration Woningnet

If you intend to stay in the Netherlands even more permanently, you can register with the regional social housing service named Woningnet. SSH offers a combined registration for student housing and Woningnet. Waiting time for housing on Woningnet is usually several years.

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