Finding accommodation in Utrecht can be quite a challenge. Utrecht is one of the most popular university cities in the Netherlands, and the demand for student housing is very high. It is therefore absolutely necessary to start looking for accommodation as soon as possible when planning to move to Utecht.

Start looking for accommodation as soon as possible!

Our university does not own any student accommodation. Most rooms in Utrecht are let by housing corporations, housing companies and private home owners. Another typical aspect of student housing in the Netherlands is that you rent a room in a flat or house where you live with other students and share facilities like the kitchen, bathroom and washing machine.

Ways to find accommodation

The demand for student housing in Utrecht is high and the housing market can be difficult to access for international students when still abroad. This is why the university reserves a range of furnished rooms for new coming international students with a number of housing organisations.

This temporary accommodation is fully fitted and furnished, and utilities such as internet, water, gas and heating are included in the rent. The accommodation is available for the first year of studies only, and the number of accommodations that the university reserves is limited: it is rented on a first come, first serve basis. 

More information

There are a few important matters to take into account when looking for housing in Utrecht. Read more about reserved accommodation for international students:


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