Universities in the Netherlands do not own any student accommodation and we do not have the capacity to match incoming students individually with listings. We understand that finding housing in Utrecht is a challenge and we therefore aim to provide you with tips & tricks, and inform you of numerous options and platforms. If you have any questions regarding the information on these pages, please do not hesitate to contact Student Services: StudentServices@uu.nl.  

Also, even if you have do not have direct questions, we advise you to stay in touch with the university. This could be either your faculty’s international office, UU for You Student Services (StudentServices@uu.nl) or the Admissions Office (AdmissionsOffice@uu.nl). We need to know if you are still looking for a place to stay, even after the start of the semester. We might not be able to offer you rooms or individually match you with listings, but we can advise you on the various options and inform you if any new options are available.

Finding accommodation on your own

The demand for student housing is very high. The Utrecht University housing programme with SSH Reserved Accommodation for new international students was fully booked within days. This clearly shows how popular student housing in Utrecht is.

If you did not get a room through the Reserved Accommodation programme, you will have to find accommodation on your own. It is important not to underestimate the time and effort it takes to find a place to stay. We have listed important information as well as tips and tricks about finding a room. Besides your own personal network you should explore every possible option:


Old buildings in city centre
Photgrapher Thomas Jankov, copyright UU