When will I receive my student card?

If you submit your request for re-enrolment in Studielink before 1 August, and make sure that it is complete by that date (by filling in your bank account details and confirming the direct-debit authorization in Studielink), you will receive your student card (in duplicate) no later than 1 September.

If you submit your request for re-enrolment after 1 August, your student card will be sent to your mail address as known in Studielink within four weeks of completion of your re-enrolment.

If you have not received your student card within four weeks, please contact Student Services. Do not forget to first check if your mail address in Studielink (under 'My details') is correct and change it if necessary.

What is the student card for?

The student card includes details of your degree programme and the year of enrolment. You should carry one copy of the card with you when you are at the university. You can use the other copy as proof for other organisations (e.g. DUO) that you are enrolled at Utrecht University. Whenever you use any university facility (e.g. attend lectures, sit examinations or visit the library), you may be asked to produce your student card. If requested, you must also be able to show another valid form of ID (e.g. passport).

Student card is lost, stolen or damaged

If your student card is lost, damaged or stolen, you may apply for a new one here. Please note that it can take up to five weeks before you receive the new student card.


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