Your Solis-id is your user name for most university services. Used in combination with your Solis password, it gives you access to services such as OSIRIS, Blackboard and Surfspot. You should also sign in using your Solis-id.

Your Solis-id and Solis-password have been sent to you in two separate emails when you enrolled at the university or took part in the matching programme.

  • Did you not receive any emails (both Solis-id and password)? Then please contact the IT Servicedesk.
  • Did you receive your Solis-id but not your password? Use the Password self service.
  • Did you receive your password but not your Solis-id? Your Solis-id is the same as your 7-digit student number, that you have received after your enrolment application in Studielink. You can find it in your Studielink messages.

Every six months you have to change your password. You will receive notifications to remind you when your password is due to expire.

You can change your Solis-password yourself via the password self service page and follow the instructions. In case you have forgotten your password or if you never received one follow the steps below.

  • Go to the password self service page
  • Click ‘Forgotten password’. You will be asked to enter your Solis-id.
  • An activation link will be sent to your personal email address as registered at the university. Follow the link and change your password.


Did you not receive the email with the activation link?

  • Go to Studielink and check that your personal email address details are correct (processing time: max. 24 hours).
  • If you are a student and you are also an employee, it may be that you registered a different email address upon your appointment. The last email address you gave will be the one that is registered.
  • Contact the IT Servicedesk.

Once you are no longer enrolled at Utrecht University you will be sent an email warning you that your Solis-id and password are only valid for another 180 days. After this six-month period you will no longer be able to use the IT services associated with your Solis-id. Your email address will also be terminated. So it is important that you save and secure any files and emails that you want to keep before then.

Do you want to backup your e-mails? You can easily do this by making a copy of the data from your account via google takeout.

If you are a student and also become an employee at Utrecht University, you retain your own Solis-id and password. The necessary rights for employees will be added to your Solis-id automatically.

In addition to your UU-Gmail account you will also be given a Solis-mail account, where you will from then on receive all your email (including all emails sent to your UU-Gmail address).

Like to know more about IT?

See all IT facilities or contact us for help.