Internships Teacher Degree

To experience in practice what it is like to be a teacher, you will do an internship at a school (or schools) for secondary education. Half of the vocational preparation part of the course consists of gaining practical experience.

You do this through two internship courses: Professional in Practice 1 (PiP1, also called Teaching Practice 1), consisting of PIP1a and PIP1b (20 EC in total) and Professional in Practice 2 (PiP2, 10 EC. Also called Teaching Practice 2).

On this page you will find information about the practical courses, internship schools and internship placement.

Full information for students can be found in our internship brochure for teacher trainees:

Internship brochure (pdf, in Dutch)

A separate internship brochure exists for school university supervisors and internship/workplace supervisors (for partner schools), which can be requested via

An overview of our internship conditions can be found in the document below:

Overview PiP1 en PiP2 (pdf, in Dutch)

Internship schools

Below you can find an overview of the internship schools where we place students. Our schools are mainly located in the central part of the country (Utrecht and surroundings). We have made agreements with these partner schools, so that the quality of your internships is guaranteed. You are not allowed to find an internship yourself.


Do you have any questions? Please contact the internship office at Els Laroes coordinates internships, the internship office is staffed by Chéryse Fortuin, Ingrid Heinsbroek and Loura Penning.