Internships Teacher Degree

To experience in practice what it is like to be a teacher, you will do an internship at a school or schools for secondary education. Half of the vocational preparation part of the course consists of gaining practical experience.

You do this through two internship courses: Professional in Praktijk 1 (PiP1), consisting of PiP1a and PiP1b (20 EC in total) and Professional in Praktijk 2 (PiP2, 10 EC).

On this page you will find information about the practical courses, internship schools and internship placement.

Full information for students can be found in our internship brochure for teacher trainees:

Internship brochure (pdf, in Dutch)

A separate internship brochure exists for school university supervisors and internship/workplace supervisors (for partner schools), which can be requested via

An overview of our internship conditions can be found in the document below:

Factsheet PiP1 and PiP2 (pdf, in Dutch)


Do you have any questions? Please contact the internship office at