Student Wellbeing

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Students can face different challenges. At the Faculty of Science, we offer different forms of guidance and workshops focused on personal development. Additionally, you can make use of the centrally offered services of Utrecht University. You can find all links and information below.

Everything we offer on Student Wellbeing within the Faculty of Science

Trainings on Student Wellbeing that Utrecht University offers

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    • 28 Sep

      Workshop Find your Ikigai (English)

      During this workshop, you will search for your Ikigai: your own source of meaning. This workshop is free and accessible for all UU students.
    • 3 Oct

      Workshop Working Consciously & Effectively (in Dutch)

      This interactive training will help you work with a purpose and reduce your stress levels into the bargain.
    • 5 Oct


      Living and studying in the Netherlands can be quite an adventure when you are used to a different country. Maybe you have found your way during the Welcome Week in August, but maybe you would like to get to know more about the guidance and development options at Utrecht University.