Education and Examination Regulations (EER)

The Education and Examination Regulations (EER) of the Graduate School of Natural Sciences (GSNS) contains the general and specific education and examination regulations for the Natural Sciences Master programmes of the Faculty of Science. Specific regulations for each of the programmes can be found in the Annex of the EER. Each academic year a new version of the EER is published. The latest version of the EER applies to all students within the GSNS.

Examples of what you can find in the EER →
  • Content and organisation of the Masters (e.g. study load, scope of study)
  • Testing and examination regulations (e.g. resits, period of validity, right of inspection)
  • Information on student counselling and study progress
  • General graduation requirements
  • Protocol delay in graduation
To be found in the Annex of the EER →
  • Specific regulations for your Master's programme, in addition to the main text
  • The mandatory courses, primary electives and secondary electives
  • Transitional provisions
  • The learning outcomes of your study programme

From the 1st of September 2023 the EER 2023-2024 (and the Annex) applies

Education and Examination Regulations GSNS 2023-2024:

*Please be aware that the English version of the EER is a translation of the Dutch version. No rights can be derived from this translation other than stipulated in the Dutch EER.

The Board of Examiners monitors proper compliance with the regulations and may grant exceptions to students upon request.


Do you have a question about the (examination) regulations? Then please first look if you can find the answer in the EER and/or the Annex above, before contacting the Board of Examiners.