Research projects/Internships

Students can perform (part of) their thesis project outside the Institute for Theoretical Physics, but only after approval by and under the formal supervision of a staff member of the Institute for Theoretical Physics. N.B. The student should discuss their intentions to run a project (partially) outside of the ITP with their formal supervisor first, before contacting another institution.

In the context of the 7.5 EC course “Theory for Technology” students can perform a small research project aimed at the intersection between theory and application, this is usually supervised by a researcher from the Technical University Eindhoven but can also take the form of an internship. Contact person: prof. Dr. Rembert Duine.

GSNS Internship Infographic

Research projects

Within all Master's programmes one or more research projects are mandatory (see ‘Study programme’ for general information).

  • within the university, step 1 only
  • outside of the university, in the form of an internship at a company or research institute. 
    • in The Netherlands, step 1 and step 2
    • abroad (see also: ‘stay abroad’), step 1, step 2 and step 3

It may also be possible to do an extracurricular internship; less research-oriented but more geared towards applying skills learned in your Master's programme and getting a closer experience of a real company environment. Please ask your programme coordinator for opportunities within your programme.