Study programme

The curriculum of Sustainable and Circular Chemistry (120 EC) usually takes two years to complete and consists of four parts:

Mandatory courses

18.75 EC

Primary Electives

18.75 EC

Research Project

37.5 – 52.5 EC

Secondary Electives

30 – 45 EC

Mandatory courses (18.75 EC)

These courses you have to follow.

Primary Electives (18.75 EC)

Choose electives out of a list of primary electives, which will add up to 18.75 EC.

Research Project (37.5 or 52.5 EC)

In the Research Project, you will combine the theoretical knowledge you obtained during courses with practical experimental skills leading to the Master’s thesis. There is no restriction to combine your Research Project with courses.

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Secondary elective courses (30 - 45 EC)

The secondary electives are meant to broaden your interest and skills. You can gain work experience in industry by performing an internship on a specific research theme, or, with a profile direct your career towards education, communication or management or simply take extra courses that match your interest.

Want to go abroad for part of your programme?

If you want to go abroad, it's important to let your programme coordinator know in advance. The curriculum is generally very packed, so it requires timely planning. If you have a general idea of what you want to do, please first discuss it with your programme coordinator to see if it fits into your programme.

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