Study associations

The Faculty of Science collaborates closely with several study associations. Each study association has its own Board and website. Student associations are responsible for the sale of textbooks, syllabuses and lecture notes, the organisation of the Science+ Career day, training and workshops, and the introduction days for freshers.

Board members of study associations are often also active participants in Department and/or Faculty committees. In addition to these official responsibilities, student associations organise a variety of informal and fun activities for you to participate in. Check the information below for their web pages (mostly Dutch). You can still become a member of a study association if you are curently enrolled in a Master's programme.

Science study associations


M.B.V. Mebiose is the study association for the Graduate School of Life Sciences


Utrechtse Biologen Vereniging (UBV)  is the study association for Biology


Unitas Pharmaceuticorum (UP) is the study association for Pharmaceutics


The Utrechts Life Sciences Vereniging Amino (U.L.S.V. Amino) has been brought to life by and for students of Molecular Life Sciences (MLS)


Sticky is the study association for Computing Science and Information Science


A-eskwadraat is the study association for Mathematics, Physics, Computing Science, Game Technology and Information Science


Proton is the study association for Chemistry


Incognito is the study association for Artificial Intelligence

‚ÄčInternational study associations