Update (18-11-2021):

As a result of the new coronation measures, it has been decided that the maximum group size is 75 students per room, with no need to keep a 1.5-meter distance. As a result, some lectures have been converted to online or divided into smaller groups. Please note that for exams, the maximum number of 75 people does not apply.

If there are any exceptions, your professor will inform you via Blackboard or email. The information above applies at least until December 24, 2021.

In periods 1 and 2, we will offer education on location, without 1.5 metres distance but with the restriction of 75 people per room. This will last through December 24, 2021.

If students cannot or do not wish to attend a class on location, for which attendance is compulsory, they will have to follow this procedure:

Short-term absence

When students are absent for a short period (illness or quarantine), they have to contact their teacher.

Long-term absence

When students are absent in case of force majeure for a longer period of time (one period or semester) the procedure is as follows:

  • Student contacts programme study advisor
  • Study advisor assesses if the reason for online education is justified
  • If the request is approved, student will receive an approval email from the study advisor
  • Student sends an email to their course coordinator (with study advisor in cc) to ask for possibilities to follow the course remotely, or how to follow/finish the course from distance (watch back lecture recordings, alternative assignment, education at later timepoint)
  • If this alternative education is not possible, the student will contact the study advisor again, who directs them to the programme coordinator and education coordinator to investigate alternatives (other courses, changes in curriculum/study path).

Please be aware that approval for long-term absence is only given in exceptional cases and that you are not entitled to an online education alternative by default. Together with the teacher and the study advisor, we will look for a solution for your situation.

In summary:

  1. In period 1 and 2, we offer education on location, with the restriction of 75 people per room.
  2. We expect the students and lecturers at the location where the education is given.
  3. If education is planned on location, lecturers are not obliged to provide distance/hybrid education in parallel.
  4. Students who cannot or do not wish to attend a class on location, for which attendance is compulsory, follow the procedure above.
  5. If students cannot or do not want to take an examination on location, they should contact the board of examiners.
  6. Additionally, the following decision has been made with respect to exams: 
    - If students cannot take an exam on location due to quarantine obligations, they will keep the right on a first exam opportunity (as well as on an additional or substitute test). In that case, degree programmes can offer the opportunity to take the exam with online proctoring, if this is possible with respect to support staff and technical conditions.
    - If the student cannot or does not want to take the exam with online proctoring, the student will take the exam at a later point in time, which will not be at the expense of the number of exam opportunities and for which the degree programme is not obliged to enable this in the shortest possible time frame. The degree programme can also choose to offer an alternative form of testing, such as an oral exam, if the degree programme is of the opinion that the alternative exam is sufficiently comparable to the written exam.

If you have questions about the absence procedure, please contact the study advisor of your programme.

Requesting online proctoring for an individual

A request to take the test via online proctoring must be made at least 3 weeks before the test date. If this deadline is not possible due to the nature of the special protocol online proctoring circumstances, such as having to remain in quarantine due to Covid-19, the request must be made as soon as possible.

Go to this page to read all about requesting online proctoring.