Organisation and staff

Organisational structure Integral Housing Plan

To come to a broadly supported faculty housing plan, the organisational structure is set up as follows. In this way, we ensure that all stakeholders throughout the faculty are represented in the process.

Below you will find a brief explanation of the organisational structure. The names of the contact persons will be completed in the coming period.

Board Team

Decision makers of the faculty housing plan. They set the framework for the housing of the future based on 'supply and demand'.

Managerial Line

Heads/chairs of the formal levels of management. They advise the Board Team based on the needs and opportunities they identify.

Focus Group

Interpreters of our innovative, solutions-oriented faculty (without managerial role) for the Education, Research and Work environment. They advise the Board Team based on the needs and opportunities they identify.


Representatives of users within the education, research and work environment, including study places. They provide input based on the needs of the users within their environment.


Specialists in relevant topics around housing, in the field of Facilities, ICT, HR, Sustainability and Safety. They provide input based on 'supply and demand' from their area of expertise.

Project Team

Facilitators of the process to come to a faculty housing plan. They organise all the steps that need to be taken.

  • Ronald Oosting – Sience Huisvesting & Arbo
  • Marieke Maas – Sience Bestuurlijke Ondersteuning
  • Irma Vermeend – Sience Communications
  • Barry van Sloten – Real Estate & Campus Programme management
  • Mijke Kromdijk – Real Estate & Campus Strategic housing advice
  • Sheila Zautsen – Workwire