About the future housing

From housing needs to housing plan

Within the framework of the university's real estate strategy, we are working on an Integral Housing Plan (IHP) for the Faculty of Science. This plan will offer us direction for the housing needs for the next 10 to 20 years, as we anticipate for expected trends and developments in the world of research, education and work. The IHP runs parallel to ongoing real estate projects, such as the redevelopment of the Kruyt building.

To set up a broadly supported IHP, we will closely involve you, the user of the campus, in the process. Because you know better than anyone what you will need in the future for your study, research or work. Furthermore, we will involve various expert groups, such as ICT, Sustainability and Safety, and an agency specialised in housing questions of educational institutions.

We will start by collecting the housing needs and requirements of staff and students throughout the faculty. We will do this among others by conducting interviews, putting out a survey and organising online group sessions. What is our vision on education and research for the future? What are expected trends and developments in the long term? What kind of activities will be carried out? Where is that preferably done? What facilities and ICT services are needed for that? To name some questions that will be addressed.

In addition, a building analysis will be performed. This enables us to compare the needs with the current supply of real estate, facilities and services and assess for feasibility. This results in an advisory report for the future housing of the Faculty of Science.

Step by step on the road

In May, we will start with the broad collection of input. The advisory report is expected to be available at the end of November. Then we will have to make choices regarding the housing possibilities, taking into account the agreed frameworks (end of 2021). Ultimately, we will integrate this into a faculty IHP, in which the needs and requirements we have collected will be included as much as possible (mid-2022). This is a first important step towards 'the campus of the future'.

Together with Real Estate & Campus, we will then work towards a vision of the future, which will make clear who will be accommodated where in the long term and what housing projects are needed to realise this. Along the way, we will continuously verify whether we are still in line with the expectations and developments, and adjust where needed. By building in more flexibility, we ensure that we can optimally support our research, education and work 'at any time'.

Let your voice be heard!

Whether you are a student, lecturer, researcher or employee, you represent the future users of the campus. Therefore, share your needs and ideas when you are invited for an interview, survey or online session. Your voice counts!

The project team will keep you informed via this information page. We will also provide updates through channels usual to you. And if you would like to share something with us, we are happy to hear from you. Below 'Organisation and staff' you will find contact persons for the education, research and work environment.