Exchange programmes

The Faculty of Science has exchange opportunities for both Bachelor's and Master's students

The Undergraduate School offers six three-year Bachelor's programmes, most of which have courses in English in the third year. The seventh Bachelor's programme, Pharmacy, is a four-year programme in Dutch making it difficult for exchange students to participate.

The Faculty's three Graduate Schools each represent a family of disciplines:

  • The Graduate School of Natural Sciences: English-spoken Master's programmes in Math, Physics, Nanomaterials (Chemistry&Physics), Information and Computing Sciences, History and Philosophy of Science;
  • The Graduate School of Life Sciences: English-spoken Master's programmes in Environmental Biology, Drug Innovation, Molecular and Cellular Life Sciences, and Science and Business Management;
  • The School of Pharmacy: Dutch-spoken professional Master's programme for Pharmacists aiming for a career in the Netherlands. Not open to exchange students. Pharmaceutical Sciences students seeking to come on exchange are encouraged to apply for a research project in the Drug Innovation Master's programme.

Further information for international exchange students thinking about coming to Utrecht University can be found here.

Incoming Exchange students

As an exchange student you (are going to) either take one or more courses or do a major research project at the Faculty of Sciences. Selection of courses or a research group for a project and subsequent approval of participation is mediated by the Faculty International Officer who, in turn, gets approval from the programme coordinator for your participation. If you are following (a part of) a Bachelor's or Master's programme you’ll find all the practical information you need in the pages of your programme on this website. You can find your programme simply by using the websites search engine on the main page. If you don’t know to which progamme your courses belong, you can check its origin in Osiris (see icon below).

Frequently Asked Questions 

Incoming exchange students often have many questions. Check out the Frequently Asked Questions list of the Faculty of Science to find the answers to the most common ones.