Course registration

Register for courses via OSIRIS. In the first two periods of year 1 you do not have to register for courses yourself, after that you do.
You cannot choose two courses in the same time slot, unless you have received explicit permission from your study advisor. You can use the CoursePlanner to carefully plan your courses and generate a personal timetable. Under late enrolment and tips you will find a number of useful tips for registering.

Be aware that most faculties use a semester registration! You must then register in June for periods 1 and 2, and in October for periods 3 and 4. The dates may differ slightly per faculty, so always check the web information of the relevant faculty!

You can only register for courses during the registration period of a block.

Course registration periods 2023-2024 - faculty of Science

Semester 1

Period 1: 30 May - 23 June 2023
Period 2: 18 September - 29 September 2023

Semester 2

Period 3: 30 October - 24 November 2023
Period 4: 29 January - 23 February 2024

De-register for courses

If you have registered for a course that you do not want to take after further consideration, please unsubscribe as soon as possible so a place becomes available for a fellow student. You deregister via OSIRIS. You can deregister at the latest during the regular registration periods. After the last date of the registration period and before the start of the course, you can contact Student Affairs about this. It is no longer possible to deregister after the start of the course. If you decide to stop after the start of the course, a 'ND' (not participated) will appear in your file, this has NO effect on the judicium (cum laude).