Are you currently enrolled at University Utrecht or another higher education facility? (HBO or WO) then it’s possible to register for one or more Bachelor’s or Master’s courses outside your degree at the Faculty of Science.
Even if you are not a student at the Faculty of Science you can take courses here. As a student in a non-degree programme you either follow one or several courses, or do a research project at the Faculty of Science without being formally enrolled in an educational programme.


For course entry requirements and information about  specific courses you can browse through the Course Catalogue. Here you will find Course descriptions, Course schedules and whether you can register for the course outside of your degree.
The list of the programmes of the Faculty of Science can be found here.  If you want to follow several courses outside of your study programme, you can look into registering for a minor


Take a look at the yearly schedule of Utrecht University for information about semesters and course periods.
The Course Planner is a useful tool for composing your personal schedule with the courses offered by our faculty.


You are required to register for every course you want to take part in. How to register for a course, depends on whether or not you are enrolled at our university. You can select your status from the list below.

Students who are currently enrolled at Utrecht University can register for courses during the official course registration periods.


You can register for bachelor courses through Osiris.
Do you want to do a full minor? Then you have to register for that specific minor and separately for every course in that minor.


You can register for courses that are part of the Master’s Programmes of the Graduate School of Life Sciences by contacting the course coordinator .
For courses that are part of the Master’s Programmes of the Graduate School of Natural Sciences you can register through Osiris.


For courses with limited capacity, the program can decide to appoint a selection committee.
The selection will then be based on a drawing or on substantive grounds.

If you are currently enrolled at a Dutch university or  Hogeschool  other than Unversity Utrecht, you can still register for courses and minors at the Faculty of Science.  Please use the special application form  to apply.

You can send the completed form to the Student Desk of the Faculty of Science via email or post. Do not forget to include:

  • A copy of your passport or ID-card
  • A copy of your student card
  • Proof of payment of tuition
  • Proof of enrolment at your own University or Hogeschool
  • Consent form to register for this course issued by your programme coordinator

You will receive an email from our Student Desk confirming your registration.


If you are an international visitor at Utrecht University, and you have a student number, the rules for registration apply in much the same way as for our regular students. Incoming international students often have many questions. Check out the Frequently Asked Questions list of the Faculty of Science to find the answers to the most common ones. 

All international students who are not yet enrolled but are thinking about visiting us outside of an official exchange programme, should visit these pages. You are most welcome at the Faculty of Science and you can take courses or do research in much the same way as exchange students do, as long as your home institution is a recognised university.

If you are not currently enrolled as a student with a university or Hogeschool you need a contract in order to follow elective courses at the Faculty of Science. Tuition fees apply as follows:

Bachelor's course  7.5 EC         € 875.-

Master's course     7.5 EC         € 1075.-

You can browse through the Course Catalogue and fill out the special application form with your choice of courses. You can send the completed form to the Student Desk of the Faculty of Science.

The International Exchange Officer of the Faculty of Sciences is Liesbeth Achterberg.

Our open office hours are cancelled until further notice. However, you can e-mail us, via, or call via Microsoft Teams. You will then have to use the personal e-mail address

  • Walk-in office hours: Tuesday and Thursday at 11:00-12:00 (currently closed)
  • Location: Buys Ballot Building, room 1.19, Princetonplein 5, 3584 CC Utrecht
  • Questions and/or to schedule an appointment:
  • Urgent questions: 030-2537315 (currently unavailabe)