Master’s thesis awards

Students who write an excellent master's thesis can be awarded a thesis award. As a master's student at Utrecht University, you can win two different thesis awards.

Best Master's thesis

During the start of the academic year, the rector magnificus awards one student for Best Master's Thesis. A Director of Education or Research Director of the Master’s programme can nominate a student for the award Best Master's Thesis. The student has to meet certain specific criteria.


Nominees need to meet certain specific criteria. The submitted graduate thesis must for instance have received a mark of at least an 8.5. You cannot submit your thesis yourself; the thesis has to be submitted by the Director of Education or the Research Director of the Master’s programme for which the thesis was written.

Every year, the deadline for nominating candidates is June 1st.

Look at the full list of criteria on this UU page.

The award ceremony of the Vliegenthart Thesis Prize 2018

Vliegenthart Master's thesis price

Every year, the Utrecht University Fund awards the Vliegenthart Thesis Prize. Its aim is to annually showcase an exceptional talent to the outside world in general and the alumni community in particular.
The prize involves the sum of € 2,000 and is awarded in turn to the disciplines of Humanities, Life Sciences, Science and Social and Behavioural Sciences.