Study programme

The Nanomaterials Science master is a two-years programme of the Department of Chemistry. The study combines course work with research in one of the groups of the Debye Institute for Nanomaterials Science (DINS), hereafter abbreviated as Debye Institute and the Institute for Sustainable and Circular Chemistry (ISCC).

There are options for both fundamental and applied approaches. You can, for example, specialize in self-assembled quantum-dots, colloid science, organic chemistry and catalysis. Alternatively, your choice can be application-driven; you can learn to synthesize, engineer and analyse advanced (nano)materials for applications, e.g. in catalysis, photonics and colloidal dispersions.

In brief, the composition of the Master's programme is visualised in following figure

Structure of the Master Programme Nanomaterials Science

Course list

M (mandatory), PE (primary electives), SE (secondary electives), R (research project) and EX (extra curricular activity) courses

Course Code

Course Title



SK-MACCOAcademic Context CourseM6,5
GSNS-INTROIntroducing Natural SciencesM0,5
FI-MHPSDL1Dilemmas of the Scientist workshop 1M0,5
FI-MHPSDL2Dilemmas of the scientist  
SK-MSPECAdvanced SpectroscopyM7,5
SK-MCATAdvanced Catalysis (former SK-MAKC: Adsorption, Kinetics and Catalysis)PE7,5
SK-MOCHCOrganometallic Chemistry and Homogeneous CatalysisPE7,5
SK-MOSSAdvanced Organic SynthesisPE7,5
SK-MSCEMSynthesis of Heterogeneous Catalysts and Energy Materials (former SK-MSYNA)PE7,5
SK-MCSColloid SciencePE7,5
SK-MSOLSSolids & SurfacesPE7,5
SK-MASMSAtomistic models for materials science PE7,5
SK-MQUMA Quantum Materials PE7,5
BETA-MTOYM Toy Models in Science and Technology PE7,5
NS-TP432MModelling and SimulationPE7,5
NS-TP453MSoft Condensed Matter TheoryPE7,5
NS-EX423MAdvanced MicroscopyPE7.5
NS-EX418MPhoton PhysicsPE7,5
GEO4-2513Photovoltaic Solar Energy Physics and TechnologyPE7,5
SK-MNSTPNonequilibrium Systems and Transport PhenomenaPE7.5
SK-MRES1Research project part 1: introduction and start of the research projectR15
SK-MRES2Research project part 2: research and thesisR37,5
SK-MRES2HResearch project part 2: research and thesis (Honours)R45
FI-MTTTeaching Assistant TrainingEX1
BETA-B3MMSMaking Modern ScienceSE7,5