Schedules and timeslots


Your course schedule can be found in MyTimetable (PC) or the MyUU app (smartphone/tablet) two weeks before the courses begin. You have to first add the courses yourself in one of these systems. Make sure you are logged in when you are selecting your schedule. This way, your personalised schedule is saved. As soon as you know what groups you are in, you can add this to your personalised schedule to complete it. See the explanation building abbreviations for more information on the locations.

More information about course registration can be found here

Please note: Self-study courses that involve individual guidance by a lecturer have no fixed schedule. The practical details on the conduct of the course will be determined in consultation with the lecturer concerned.

Course schedules can be obtained from the Osiris Course Catalogue.

Time slot model

Time slot model

When you register for courses, please take notice of the different time slots in order to avoid overlap in the time slots. By checking the time slots, you can create a feasible schedule. The week is divided into time slots.

Please refer to Osiris to see which time slot a course is assigned to.
The Courseplanner is an online programme that can help you browse through the courses, and plan your study efficiently.

Do you like to plan ahead? Then also check out our Science Academic Year calendar with all the important dates for the academic year.

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