The Master's programme admits students based on several requirements. The students' progress in the bachelor’s programme is part of the admission procedure. If deficiencies are found with regard to the required knowledge and skills which can be remedied with a course load of max 30 EC, then a Pre-master's programme first needs to be finished before the student can start with the master’s programme. This situation only applies to HBO students with a chemistry background.

The Pre-master's courses are Bachelor chemistry courses taught in the Dutch language, therefore the Pre-master's programme (30 EC) is only admissible for students who understand the Dutch language.

Standard Pre-master's programme chemistry bachelor courses
  • Course schedules can be obtained from the Osiris Course Catalogue.
  • Schedules for premaster courses are also available in the Cursusplanner. Select Faculteit Bètawetenschappen > Minors > Minor Premaster Nanomaterials Science
  • For scheduling your courses, you can use My Timetable

In case you are having problems with or related to your study or in case you need advice or counselling for personal problems, please contact our Chemistry counsellor: Yo-Yi Pat

If you hold a bachelor degree from a Dutch university of Applied Science you are only eligible for admission to the Nanomaterials Science Master's programme once you have successfully passed a tailor-made Pre-master's programme of a maximum of 30 EC.

In parallel to the 30 EC Pre-master's programme you can perform your HBO 'afstudeeropdracht' (of 30 EC) during your fourth year at the Debye institute.

Students with an academic bachelor’s degree are only admissible with a maximum deficiency load of 15 EC. These deficiency courses are stated in the admission letter and taken up during the master’s programme as secondary electives.

Attached to your admission letter you can find your personal Pre-Master's programme. There you can also find the information you need for enrolling in the courses you need to take. Most courses can be found in the Course Catalogue. For courses that are not given by Utrecht University you can follow the instructions in the admission letter. For more information you can ask your programme coordinator.

Please note

  • You can start with your Master's Programme as soon as you have finished your Pre-Master's programme, not before!
  • You have to enrol in the Master's Programme to be admitted to the Pre-Master. (If you want to start the Pre-Master in September, you have to apply for the Master before June 1st!)
  • The pre-master fee is not a regular tuition fee and therefore it is not possible to receive a refund if you terminate your enrolment.
  • A Pre-Master's Programme is only available for:
    • Dutch students
    • Non-Dutch students with a Dutch educational background who do not need housing, and who do not have or require a residence permit for study purposes
    • Refugee students with a Dutch residence permit or a W-document who do not need housing

More on this Pre-Master's programme can be found on the general website, or take a look at the website of the Master's programme of your choice

Please note: You can only start with the Master's Programme as soon as you have finished the Pre-Master's programme, but not earlier!