IT facilities

Bring Your Own Device!

First of all, we assume that you will bring your own laptop to the university. As a UU student, you will be able to access practically all study software everywhere free of charge via your laptop. Here is what else you need to know to get you connected.

9 steps to get connected

Additional info

IT support info

  1. At the ICT Bèta Servicepoint we will help you with any question or problem, especially questions you have about IT-facilities from the University or the Science Faculty. You can also borrow chargers and cables. The Servicedesk is located in the Victor J. Koningsberger building
  2. The ICT Bèta wiki contains Science faculty manuals and other documentation on software and services
  3. On the UU-support page of ITS you can find guides and supporting information on most of the IT-facilities that the university provides