Student life & Study association

Study association Amino

The ‘Utrechts Life Sciences Vereniging Amino’ (U.L.S.V. Amino) or Amino for short, is the study association for Molecular Life Sciences and Molecular and Biophysical Life Sciences students. Amino organizes both social and educational activities. From parties to game nights, and from study days to lunch lectures, there is something for everybody. On top of this, all members are more than welcome to visit our association room, for a free cup of coffee or tea or to play a game of pool. In short, Amino is the place to get to know your fellow students!

Student Life as a UU student

Some of our many different student organisations focus on having a good time while others centre around religion, a sport or a shared cultural interest (singing, photography). Check out our student blogs to gain an insight into life in Utrecht from students already studying here.